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Band Mode Min
 CallsignDXFlagsStart TimeBandMode 
IV3KAS SJ9WL Italy - Sweden 06:4620mSSB 
RA9AVL RX0ADW/P Asiatic Russia - Asiatic Russia 06:4520MSSB 
UR4IOR UA9UAX/M Ukraine - Asiatic Russia 06:4520MCW 
UY5AB SJ9WL Ukraine - Sweden 06:4420MSSB 
IU8FAN S55O Italy - Slovenia 06:4320mUSB 
UY3LV SV1OCA Ukraine - Greece 06:4320MJT65 
IZ1JMN F5MQW/P Italy - France 06:4240mCW 
HB9EFJ F5MQW/P Switzerland - France 06:4240mCW 
IZ1JMN DJ2OS/P Italy - Fed. Republic of Germany 06:4240mLSB 
IK2VUC DJ2OS/P Italy - Fed. Republic of Germany 06:4240mSSB 
I8DKR CT1ZQ/1 Italy - Portugal 06:4240mCW 
SV5BYP JY5IB Dodecanese - Jordan 06:4120mJT65 
KC2MBV SP3AU United States - Poland 06:4130mJT65 
UA3ALE W6RKC European Russia - United States 06:4120MJT65 
ON4VT F5MQW/P Belgium - France 06:4040mCW 
UR4IOR R1AC Ukraine - European Russia 06:4020MSSB 
SV6GIM RN6AJ Greece - European Russia 06:3920mJT65 
R1BCE RG5OIV European Russia - European Russia 06:3920mPSK63 
SV2DFK ES2MA Greece - Estonia 06:3820mJT9 
K7HV DL5RBW United States - Fed. Republic of Germany 06:3820mUSB 
OE5ABI N7MDW Austria - United States 06:3720mJT65 
KC2MBV K2OO United States - United States 06:3730mJT65 
VK3GYH JA8COE/8 Australia - Japan 06:3717mUSB 
UA6AUA RG50IV European Russia - European Russia 06:3720MPSK63 
RA3QH R6DBT European Russia - European Russia 06:3720MPSK63 
UA3ALE OE3RFA European Russia - Austria 06:3520MJT65 
RA3QH EU6AA European Russia - Belarus 06:3520MPSK63 
VK3AWG K7BAB Australia - United States 06:3420mJT65 
RA3QH EV950O European Russia - Belarus 06:3420MPSK63 
UR4IOR R6DBT Ukraine - European Russia 06:3420MPSK63 
IU8CNE EV950O Italy - Belarus 06:3420mSSB 
IU1FQB IU8CEU Italy - Italy 06:3340mSSB 
PE1LJS VA7ST Netherlands - Canada 06:3320mJT65 
SV6GIM OP4A Greece - Belgium 06:3320mJT65 
GW6CZE WB7BOW Wales - United States 06:3220mJT65 
SV2DFK UA3IBD Greece - European Russia 06:3220mJT9 
IZ8EFD F5MQW/P Italy - France 06:3240mCW 
OP4A SV6GIM Belgium - Greece 06:3120mJT65 
OE5ABI AF7NX Austria - United States 06:3120mJT65 
JA3EP JA3DU Japan - Japan 06:3120mJT65 
IK7XNF SJ9WL Italy - Sweden 06:3020mSSB 
R1BCE EV950O European Russia - Belarus 06:3020mUSB 
IK1SOW KL7HRN Italy - Alaska 06:3020MSSB 
F4BAL EA4CUO France - Spain 06:3020MJT9 
KC2MBV F4FSY United States - France 06:2930mJT65 
JA3EGY DJ6SX Japan - Fed. Republic of Germany 06:2920mJT65 
F4BAL 5Q6OM France - Denmark 06:2920MJT9 
IK7XNF EV950O Italy - Belarus 06:2820mSSB 
UA3ALE SP5GLK European Russia - Poland 06:2820MJT65 
OE5ABI W6RKC Austria - United States 06:2720mJT65 
SV6GIM OK1UK Greece - Czech Republic 06:2720mJT65 
PE1LJS AA7EA Netherlands - United States 06:2620mJT65 
LY2JV DL6WAB Lithuania - Fed. Republic of Germany 06:2630mJT65 
RV9UAF EV950O Asiatic Russia - Belarus 06:2620MPSK63 
F4HMR UX1LW France - Ukraine 06:2540mJT65 
IV3KAS EV950O Italy - Belarus 06:2520mSSB 
F4FSY KC2MBV France - United States 06:2530mJT65 
UA3FF KH7XS European Russia - Hawaii 06:2517mCW 
LZ1UBO JL1FUQ Bulgaria - Japan 06:2520mJT65 
5P1KZX UA3IBD Denmark - European Russia 06:2520mJT9 
UA3WDT R3MD European Russia - European Russia 06:2520MSSB 
I2AOX UA9UAX/M Italy - Asiatic Russia 06:2320mCW 
IC8BNR ES2MA Italy - Estonia 06:2320mJT9 
I2AOX IT9AAK/IH9 Italy - Italy 06:2320mSSB 
JG8IBY YC4CHP Japan - Indonesia 06:2220mJT65 
F8AEJ N6RV France - United States 06:2230mJT65 
HB9FBG IT9AAK/IH9 Switzerland - Italy 06:2240mLSB 
UR4IOR R17CUP Ukraine - European Russia 06:2217MCW 
SM7HZK SM7TNS Sweden - Sweden 06:2180mSSB 
F1DSZ PA3CPS France - Netherlands 06:2140mJT65 
R7KGA RG5OIV European Russia - European Russia 06:2120mPSK63 
OK4KOP OT6V/P Czech Republic - Belgium 06:2140MSSB 
PA3CPS F1DSZ/QRP Netherlands - France 06:2040mJT65 
OE5ABI WB7BOW Austria - United States 06:2020mJT65 
SM7HZK SM5DYC Sweden - Sweden 06:2080mSSB 
IZ7KGB IT9AAK/IH9 Italy - Italy 06:2040mLSB 
KC2MBV IK1YEK United States - Italy 06:1930mJT65 
ON3MK AF7NX Belgium - United States 06:1920mJT65 
IK3PQG DL/OO6P Italy - Fed. Republic of Germany 06:1940mLSB 
R7KGA RD3ZA European Russia - European Russia 06:1920mPSK125 
IU4FJI SJ9WL Italy - Sweden 06:1917mCW 
UR4IOR EV950O Ukraine - Belarus 06:1920MSSB 
PE1LJS N0RQV Netherlands - United States 06:1820mJT65 
K7HV 9J2BO United States - Zambia 06:1720mCW 
F1DSZ UX1LW France - Ukraine 06:1640mJT65 
HB9EFJ IQ1QQ Switzerland - Italy 06:1640mSSB 
VK7XX RI1ANC Australia - Antarctica 06:1620mSSB 
EA3GIL EA7JTF/P Spain - Spain 06:1640mLSB 
PA4ARP ES3BR Netherlands - Estonia 06:1520mPSK31 
OP4A VA7ST Belgium - Canada 06:1520mJT65 
OE5ABI K0ZRK Austria - United States 06:1520mJT65 
F4HKE SP5GLK France - Poland 06:1520mJT65 
RV9UAF RA80PD Asiatic Russia - Asiatic Russia 06:1520MPSK63 
ON3VNA F5GPE Belgium - France 06:1440mJT65 
SQ6JAN DF3MC Poland - Fed. Republic of Germany 06:1440mCW 
IU4FJI IT9AAK/IH9 Italy - Italy 06:1440mSSB 
N7MDW OE5ABI United States - Austria 06:1320mJT65 
KC2MBV KK6WUU United States - United States 06:1330mJT65 
LZ1UBO OK1UK Bulgaria - Czech Republic 06:1320mJT65 
IK3PQG IT9AAK/IH9 Italy - Italy 06:1340mLSB 
SP6OPZ EV950O Poland - Belarus 06:1320MPSK63 
PE1LJS AF7NX Netherlands - United States 06:1220mJT65 
UR4IOR EU6AA Ukraine - Belarus 06:1220MPSK63 
ON3MK KA5JTM Belgium - United States 06:1120mJT65 
PA3CPS SM4GOJ Netherlands - Sweden 06:1140mJT65 
UR4IOR EV950O Ukraine - Belarus 06:1120MPSK63 
I8DKR IT9AAK/IH9 Italy - Italy 06:1140mSSB 
UX3MC RA3AHN Ukraine - European Russia 06:110MSSB 
R3XAR UA6HN European Russia - European Russia 06:1110mUSB 
SP6OPZ RA80PD Poland - Asiatic Russia 06:1020MPSK63 
I8DKR IT9AAK/IH9 Italy - Italy 06:0940mCW 
IZ8EFD IT9AAK/IH9 Italy - Italy 06:0940mSSB 
A65DB UA6LAD United Arab Emirates - European Russia 06:0820mJT65 
EB6AGY VK3LDB Balearic Is. - Australia 06:0820mJT65 
I8DKR IT9AAK/IH9 Italy - Italy 06:0840mSSB 
F4BAL WO7R France - United States 06:0830MJT65 
UR4IOR RN4ABD Ukraine - European Russia 06:0820MPSK63 
VK7XX KD9HPN Australia - United States 06:0720mSSB 
OP4A N7MDW Belgium - United States 06:0720mJT65 
PE1LJS W6RKC Netherlands - United States 06:0620mJT65 
VK7XX W1FDY Australia - United States 06:0620mSSB 
LY2JV DG0RG Lithuania - Fed. Republic of Germany 06:0530mJT65 
UY5AB RA0QQ Ukraine - Asiatic Russia 06:0420MCW 
ON3MK JH1UBW Belgium - Japan 06:0320mJT65 
SQ6JAN DL1VVQ/P Poland - Fed. Republic of Germany 06:0340mCW 
HB9EFJ EA7JTF/P Switzerland - Spain 06:0340mSSB 
HB9EFJ IT9AAK/P Switzerland - Italy 06:0240mSSB 
HB9EFJ IT9AAK/IH9 Switzerland - Italy 06:0240mSSB 
PA3CPS VA7ST Netherlands - Canada 06:0220mJT65 
EA8CZL EA7JTF/P Canary Is. - Spain 06:0240mSSB 
IW2ETR EA7JTF/P Italy - Spain 06:0240mLSB 
UY5AB UT7LZ Ukraine - Ukraine 06:0220MCW 
R9XAC WH6TAT Asiatic Russia - Hawaii 06:0220MJT65 
OE5ABI K5PBR Austria - United States 06:0120mJT65 
SM7HZK SM7XXQ Sweden - Sweden 06:0180mSSB 
UR4IOR R80PSP Ukraine - Asiatic Russia 06:0120MSSB 
IW2ETR IT9AAK/P Italy - Italy 06:0140mLSB 
PE1LJS VK3LDB Netherlands - Australia 06:0020mJT65 
SP6OPZ R80PSP Poland - Asiatic Russia 06:0020MCW 
VK3AWG FK8HA Australia - New Caledonia 05:5920mJT65 
JG1PDG ZL1MRC Japan - New Zealand 05:5920mJT65A 
AB7MP ON3MK United States - Belgium 05:5920mJT65 
DL3FBI UY5ZZ Fed. Republic of Germany - Ukraine 05:596mJT65 
F8AEJ N3LQC France - United States 05:5940mJT65 
F4FSY KK4A France - United States 05:5930mJT65 
UY5AB F6ACT Ukraine - France 05:5820MCW 
IU8CNE KH7XS Italy - Hawaii 05:5817mCW 
WY6S KI7GXV United States - United States 05:5720mJT65 
SM0FPR 9J2BO Sweden - Zambia 05:5720mCW 
RV9UAF RC2Z Asiatic Russia - European Russia 05:5720MSSB 
PA3CPS N7BBX Netherlands - United States 05:5620mJT65 
SO7BIT DL/OO6P Poland - Fed. Republic of Germany 05:5640MSSB 
N7MDW OP4A United States - Belgium 05:5520mJT65 
OH3EQY DG0RG Finland - Fed. Republic of Germany 05:5530mJT65 
LY2JV HA7JIV Lithuania - Hungary 05:5530mJT65 
F4HKE KY7M France - United States 05:5520mJT65 
EB6AGY VA7ST Balearic Is. - Canada 05:5520mJT65 
PE1LJS AB7MP Netherlands - United States 05:5420mJT65 
R9XAC W6VXP Asiatic Russia - United States 05:5420MJT65 
K7HV IK4GRO United States - Italy 05:5420mUSB 
AB7MP PE1LJS United States - Netherlands 05:5320mJT65 
OE5ABI VK3AWG Austria - Australia 05:5120mJT65 
ZS6CX VK7XX Republic of South Africa - Australia 05:5120mUSB 
UY7VV KH7XS Ukraine - Hawaii 05:5120MSSB 
I4UUL ER1PB Italy - Moldova 05:5017mJT65 
VK3AWG OE5ABI Australia - Austria 05:5020mJT65 
F8AEJ EA5WI France - Spain 05:5040mJT65 
SQ4OJF UV5EUE Poland - Ukraine 05:5040mJT65 
LY2JV SM4CJY Lithuania - Sweden 05:5030mJT65 
UY5AB EA3CW Ukraine - Spain 05:5020MCW 
VK2SOL AF7NX Australia - United States 05:4920mPSK31 
EA7AHA ZA1EM Spain - Albania 05:4920mCW 
OP4A ES8DH Belgium - Estonia 05:4920mJT65 
UT3IB LY3BG Ukraine - Lithuania 05:4930mJT65 
OH3EQY DK7OG Finland - Fed. Republic of Germany 05:4930mJT65 
F6HUK EU1FQ France - Belarus 05:4920mJT65 
SM7HZK SM6YCO Sweden - Sweden 05:4880mSSB 

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