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saturday morning dx net 9Y4C VO1IDX KJ6ZSP N4UED KF4UTF/HZ1 KP3A WN4V N8LLC KB3CAY KB9NSK W3BMH VE1KLR Saturday Morning DX NET on Echolink *DODROPIN*conference server7188.290Saturday11:00 UTC Join

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Thanks to DL9FCY
S57PEA: You have worked Suriname. Just reached 128 countries!


  • We have 12298 users online
  • On Air users: 239
  • Registered users: 44,871
  • Unique visitors: 50,763,586
  • QSO stored: 94,726,565
  • DB size: 53354.19 MB
  • QSO/H: 426
  • Queue size: 0

This server is hosted in a commercial data center. Support the costs and the future development!

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